All Drivers Should be Familiar with These Three Common Symptoms of Brake Problems

Every vehicle needs to have well maintained brakes in order to be as safe as possible. Brakes are the most important safety systems of all, as being able to slow or stop suddenly and safety is often what it takes to avoid an accident. Companies like Lex Brodie’s brake service are always ready to help car and truck owners ensure that their own vehicles’ brakes are in top condition. Being familiar with the kinds of symptoms that most often arise when a brake repair is required is one key to staying safe on the roads.

Most Brake Problems Make Themselves Known Quite Clearly

There are certain types of automotive problems that can fester and grow for a long time without presenting any obvious symptoms. Fortunately, especially given the importance of their functionality, the brakes in cars and trucks tend to be quite a bit more forthcoming and communicative. As those who learn more here will see, some of the most common signs of brake problems that need to be addressed include:

Grinding noises. Disc-based brake systems include pads that are expected to wear down slowly over time. Every time a vehicle is slowed down or brought to a stop, a bit of material on the surface of each pad gets removed in the process. When one or more brake pads wears down enough, the underlying metal will become exposed and start grinding against the rotor with each press of the pedal. The noise that results will generally be so loud and obvious that it will be virtually impossible to miss or ignore.

Pulling to one side. When a car or truck is traveling straight ahead, pushing on the brake pedal should not change its direction at all. If a vehicle begins to veer even slightly to one side under braking, it will generally be a sign that the brakes need to be adjusted. Should one or both brakes on a particular side of the vehicle fall out of adjustment or wear excessively, this symptom will typically arise.

Reduced braking power. Finally, drivers will often notice brake problems when they simply stop working as well as they used to. Braking distances can easily increase noticeably when any of a wide range of related issues set in.

Skilled, Highly Trained Technicians are Ready to Help

As those who find out more about the subject will see, there should never be any difficulty with arranging for repairs when these or other symptoms of brake troubles become apparent. Keeping a vehicle’s brakes in excellent condition is a responsibility every driver should take seriously.